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Posted by Dale's Plumbing service on January 06, 19100 at 21:42:24:
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: I seem to have met with some difficulty in removing my tub to repair the walls and retile. my problem lies in
: disconnecting the tub from the drain. the tub is 12-15 years old. I imagine it's a steel tub with a ceramic
: coating. and the drain is a non pop up type. the tub is fairly light. the drain connects to the tub via abs
: plastic pipes. the problem is that I cannot get underneath the tub to undo the pipes. is there a way to
: disconnect the drain pipe at the top from the outside surface of the tub without having to get underneath to
: unhook the pipes? does the drain in the tub pop out or unscrew to make removing it easier?

: John in seattle

John, There are a couple of tools that are made to remove the strainer from the tub. If the conventional ones don't work,Well i have had to use a hack saw or a sawsall.I wouldn't suggest you try that though. Dale Peck LMP

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