Survey of Wall-mount and Rear-exit Toilets
Posted by Curt on January 06, 19100 at 13:35:36:
For the collective:

I need to replace a residential wall-mount toilet for a bathroom remodel. My application can use either a wall-mount or rear-exit. For residential application, there are not a lot of choices. Wall-hungs need the heavy duty carrier within the wall framing. Rear outlets sit on the floor, and look like they butt up to a standard closet flange mounted on the wall. I've wondered ho easy it is to get this alignment right, and what happens if you remodel and increase the floor thickness (screwing up the toilet/flange alignment). I have not investigated costs. Terry, Dale, or other pros - I'd love comments on performance and installation tips, if you have any. Here's what I've found:


Eljer Wallford Model No. 0917925 - Pressure assist

Absolute/Porsche - American standard said this is a "sister company". Toilet called the Kimera. Uses a tank that is concealed in the wall cavity (2x6). Outlet appears to exit straight through the wall plate or can be bought to exit left or right 45 degrees.


Gerber Ultra Flush 21-310 - sloan flushmate pressure assist

Kohler Barrington Pressure Lite K3546 - pressure assist

Eljer Hylando Model No. 0997875 - pressure assist

American Standard Yorkville EL 1.6/PA - Sloan flushmate pressure assist

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