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Posted by Curt on January 06, 19100 at 09:13:46:
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I've been doing some searching. There isn't much available in residential wall-mount toilets - the Eljer Wallford is one. For Tracey's situation where a toilet with minimum depth is desired, I've located another. American Standard passed me on to their "sister company" Absolute/Porsche (sp?) (tele 800-359-3261). They have a model called the Kimera. What's interesting is the FAX they sent me. They have a wallmount system where the tank is embedded in the wall cavity (a 2x6 wall cavity). So it is really only the bowl that projects into the room to create "attractive European decorator options". The outlet looks like it exits through the floor within the wall cavity. No idea of the cost.


: : Can any one recommend a good pressure-assisted wall-mounted toilet for a residential application?

: : Our clearance in front of the toilet is limited so we're looking for something that takes less space and thought a wall-mount model would help.

: Tracy (and Braden),

: If I understand you correctly, you hope that a wall-mount toilet will not "stick into" the room as much - that the distance from the wall to the front of the bowl, the depth, is less than a standard toilet. I don't think that is a valid assumption. Wall-mounts or rear-exit toilets are designed for situations where the discharge cannot be out the bottom. They are not designed with minimum depth in mind. My wall-mount sticks out into the room every bit as much as a standard toilet. Look at the wall-mounts at your place of business. Although they are commercial grade, I think you can assume depth dimensions still apply.

: I would look around at the spec sheets for round bowl standard toilets. Elongated bowls probably add a couple of inches.

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