moving bath & shower valves and piping from behind tiled wall
Posted by Truett Tyler on January 06, 19100 at 02:20:17:
I have a 62-yr-old wood-lath-and- plaster house, with master bath and second bath upstairs plus 3rd bath
on first floor. Am entering extensive remodeling of all 3 baths plus 1st floor kitchen. Recent leakage of
tub and shower valves behind wall tile in upstairs bath has destroyed plaster ceiling of kitchen below. In
remodeling, I want to choose tub and shower piping and valves which install in front of tile wall so that
any future leaks drip into tub or shower stall rather than into the wall. Who makes such exposed,
polished piping and valve systems? I am not interested in any system that utilizes a shower hand set
that slides up and down a tube. The answer to my question should produce a classic installation
suitable for any bathroom. P.S. I appreciate the extensived knowledge you reflect in your web site.

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