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Posted by Bruce Martin on January 05, 19100 at 21:44:01:
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: To my knowledge, there is only one such product available, the Eljer Walford. It is a good flusher and quieter than most other PA typoe toilets. Recommend using a 35# adjustment.

: Can any one recommend a good pressure-assisted wall-mounted toilet for a residential application?

: : Our clearance in front of the toilet is limited so we're looking for something that takes less space and thought a wall-mount model would help.

: Tracy (and Braden),

: If I understand you correctly, you hope that a wall-mount toilet will not "stick into" the room as much - that the distance from the wall to the front of the bowl, the depth, is less than a standard toilet. I don't think that is a valid assumption. Wall-mounts or rear-exit toilets are designed for situations where the discharge cannot be out the bottom. They are not designed with minimum depth in mind. My wall-mount sticks out into the room every bit as much as a standard toilet. Look at the wall-mounts at your place of business. Although they are commercial grade, I think you can assume depth dimensions still apply.

: I would look around at the spec sheets for round bowl standard toilets. Elongated bowls probably add a couple of inches.

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