Re: How to regenerate my well?
Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service on January 05, 19100 at 07:32:02:
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: What is the right way to charge or regenerate my pressure tank. I seem to be doing something wrong.

: I have been
: 1.turning off the power to the well pump
: 2. running the water ontil there is no or very little water coming out.
: 3. I then have been closing the handle on the water
: 4. hooking up my air compressor to the pressure tank and pumping in about 40 to 50lbs of air.
: 5 I then turn on the power to the well and let it build up to 60lbs via the well pump.

: I always seem to be ending up with low water pressure and need to regenerat a lot?

: Can you please tell me what Im doing wrong or for that mater what is the right way to do it.

: Thank you for any help you can offer
: Harvey
: 262-662-4908 or huber@execpc,com

Harvey, You need to put 38 lbs air in tank then set the pressure switch to come on at 40lbs. It should shut off around 60lbs. After you do this your problem should be solved unless you have another problem. Do you have a bladder type tank now?. Does it sound hollow or have a thud when you knock on it with your hand? A thud is bad. hollow is good. Thud means the bladder in the tank is bad. If you have an old galvanized tank I suggest getting a bladder 40gal type tank. Dale Peck LMP

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