Wishing a Happy New year in 2000
Posted by Terry Love on January 04, 19100 at 23:14:41:


Inca Ceremonial Burial stones. Probably from the Nasca culture,

 depicting dinosaurs and man together.

Welcome to the year 2000 and the TerryLove.Com plumbing bulletin board.  This web site is mainly about plumbing, remodel and home improvement.  Thanks to the many that contribute, this has become one of the most well used discussion boards of it's kind. 
My quest has always been, "How do things work?"  Always has been, always will. I welcome all fellow explorers, to share in this years journey of discovery. In addition to the expansion of  the plumbing pages with more informative articles, I will be including media presentations that will help with your home remodeling choices. 
This year is going to be BIG!

I believe the next thousand years of mans history will bring many answers  to age old questions. 
Science has had it's part in affecting our  views of reality and in the future, Religion and Science likely will be tied close together.  

I found it remarkable on New Years Eve night, watching year 2000 celebrations around the world, that all cultures mark their calendar dating from the birth of Jesus.  Remarkable especially since there "seems" to be a split in opinion about about "how" this all came to be about.  This is nothing new, it's as old as history, the differences between people.  Like a child going out on his own, and deciding his parents are not really that smart.  Discovering the hard way, that maybe, yes, just maybe, Dear old Mom and Dad, really have been there, done that and tried that already.  When Columbus proved to the world, that which had been written in bible text, that the world was indeed round, what a shock!  When modern science proves that prayer works, Wow! another shock!  Evidence of  a great flood and  discovery of the Ark, more surprises.  The idea that man coexisted with dinosaurs brings up all kinds of questions.  Isaac Asimov calculated that 1 inch of dust would accumulate every 10,000 years on the moon and there would be at least 54 feet of dust . Neil Armstrong  found that there was only 3/4 of an inch. Isaac didn't figure that maybe the moon was about 7500 years old, no, he figured he was wrong by about  54 feet.  When Egypt talks of 6000 years of history, we assume that's when man learned to create a written  or verbal history. What if six thousand years, is about as long as man has been here?    I would  say, Man, we are on a pretty fast track as far as  learning goes.  Terry

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