Sump Pump
Posted by Scott on January 03, 19100 at 22:03:40:
This time of year when we get rain here in Ohio our sump pump comes on and stays on. The reason I worry is if the pump ever dies or the pvc pipe comes separated as it has once before we get a lot of water flowing through the basement. We have a storm sewer line running next to the house and the field behind us turns into a small lake. My question is: Is it normal for a sump to collect this much water? Should I be looking for some master survey from the original build out of our subdivision because a house should not sit where ours does? I realize this isn't exactly a plumbing question but I don't want to contact a lawyer or the city if this type of thing is normal. If it's normal I only need to give a heads up when we sell our house. If it's not normal, I want to call a lawyer. Thanks.

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