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Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service on January 03, 19100 at 19:14:24:
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: Dear Terry,
: I have the problem you described in your discussion on drain venting. We have an intermittent sewer smell in our basement and cannot determine where it is coming from. A hint is that when my wife does laundry on the first floor we get a gurgle sound in our bathroom on the second floor.The sewer smell in the unfinished basement is below the washer on the first floor and the bathroom on the second floor. I wish you were closer, I'd hire you to help us fix this problem. Since we live in Colorado do you have any suggestions on how to find a plumber with special skills in venting problems?
: We had one guy out and explained the problem to him an all he did was scratch his head. I'd appreciate any advice or recommendations.
: Regards,
: Ray Drost

: p.s. This is another copy since my first posting was poorly written. Sorry.

Ray, Gee I just got back from FT collins. My daughter lives there. I worked a lot in vail and surrounding areas. The problem may be a floor drain that the water has evaporated out of. If this house is in a city where all the plumbing has been inspected, thats all I can think of. Look for open pipes that are connected to the sewer.Is the oder only in the basement? If you have a boiler or water heater there should be a floor drain.Is it an old house (cast iron pipe or new Plastic pipe for drainage? Hope This Helps. Let me know where you live. Dale Peck LMP I'm in ks

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