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Posted by Dale's plumbing Service on January 03, 19100 at 08:02:47:
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: I just installed a new tile floor and the flange from the existing floor is too low. I did not remove the old flange and install a new one before I put the new floor in. Is there a way to fix this problem now. I already tried a jumbo wax ring and the flange is still too low. Can I put a sleeve inside the old flange set the toliet on top of that?? Should I try using two jumbo wax rings??? The existing flange is about 2 inches too low. Help my ceiling is leaking.

Larry, If your line is 4" they make a repair flange that fits down inside your existing pipe. It has set screws to lock it in and then screw it to the floor. It has an oring on the outside of it to prevent leaks. Hope your line is 4". I have had to use 2 wax seals in the past before this product came out. Dale Peck LMP

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