Re: Toilet vent pipe
Posted by Sarah and David Stokes on January 02, 19100 at 13:41:31:
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: : I was wondering if anyone out there knows of a product that you can put down a toilet vent pipe to help unclog it. There is snow on the roof, and not really safe to bring up an auger to snake it out. Can reach me at my e-mail, Thanks.

: Dave , what makes you think the vent is clogged? Is the vent frozen over on the roof? Dale Peck LMP

We have another question re. a toilet vent pipe. A squirrel has fallen down into our pipe , (2 days ago) We can hear it struggling in there, and have tried putting a rope down the pipe to help it climb out, but it hasn't. What to do?? If it dies in there , would it clog up the whole system or would it eventually decompose and flush out? A fun (NOT) way to start the new millenium. Thank you to anyone who has advice!

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