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Posted by Bob Rachlow on January 02, 19100 at 13:32:42:
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: : In the past two weeks, I noticed my water starting looking a little rust colored. Thanks to this site, I now know I should have been flushing my water heater(how often???). I have flushed it 3 times so far, and it's still rust colored. I have a decent drain valve (copper, approx 1" dia), so w/the water-in and drain valve at full open, I get excellent pressure. My question is, how may times (if at all) will it take to get rid of all the sediment? Is there any other way to remove the crud, given I know very little about plumbing in general? If I need to call a professional, tell me -- I can take it!! By the way the heater is 10 yrs. old (A.O. Smith Water Products company -- 40 gal.).

: : Thanks - Bob

: Bob, You shoudn't have to drain your water heater or flush it to rid it of this rust. Flushing it means a gallon or two once a week or month. Something else is causeing this rust. Do you have city water or well water? The inside of the tank may be rusting out also. Have you been working on your water lines recently?If the rust persists you may need to install a filter on the cold water inlet. This is only if the heater itself is not rusting away.Dale Peck LMP

Dale --

Thanks for the reply. To answer your questions: city water, no - I haven't been working on my water lines ever!, and I have a water softener on the water line (and from the looks, the cold water into the heater goes in after going thru the softener). So it sounds like the water heater itself is rusting on the inside -- I didn't know that would happen. Is this common? Can you buy a stainless steel tank, or is that big $$'s? Is there some way to confirm the tank is the guilty party , or it is a pretty good assumption, and I should just start stopping for a new one?

Thanks again for your time -- Bob

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