Briggs Vacuity 4400 Problems - Pros/Cons - Any ideas?
Posted by Thomas Kohl on January 02, 19100 at 11:14:22:
I just purchased / installed a Vacuity 4400 and have mixed feelings about it.

Pros - good flush, pulls one flush well, quiet flush, good bowl water surface area, 'hi-tech' contraption
Cons - Tank wobbles back , theres only soft rubber support which is actually the 'vac' portion.
I guess it just sits forward on a small rim on back of bowl. The rubber connecting the water tank
to bowl doesnt look like it wasnt designed for this briggs unit. Doesnt seat well together.
Although guiet flush, I find a very annoying 'trickle' sound for about 30 seconds after the tank
completes filling. Somehow I hear this through my house louder than the flush itself, sounds
like a leak but I thinks its the briggs design of water going to the second cavity.

Does anyone have any ideas how I might solve. thxs.rgds, Thomas

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