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: Anyone have information on the systems that provide hot water on demand instead of a hot water tank? Is there significant differences between those that use electricity vs propane?

Tankless Gas Water Heaters

AquaStar tankless gas water heaters provide
instant, on-demand hot water virtually
eliminating the stand-by heat loss of a
conventional tank type heater.

Read about a recent
customer's installation

Aquastar 125X $599.- is the
only pilot-less gas Tankless
Water Heater - NEW!!

Aquastar 125 B $519. is the
perfect residential "Whole
House" Water Heater

Aquastar 125BS $599. is the
perfect back-up for your Solar
Hot Water Heater.

Aquastar 125 BL $569. is
exceptional for recirculating and
Hydronic Heating

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Hot Water Showers

Sizing and Models..
Built to Last Generations.
Endless Hot Water...
Energy Savings...
A Ten Year Limited Warranty

For higher flow rate
(two showers at once )
see the T-K1

Radiant slab,
Hydronic, floor and
space heating

Open loop
combination heat and
hot water system
with storage

Typical Installation

Read the US Dept. of Energy's
Report on Tankless Water Heaters
How AquaStar Tankless Gas
Water Heaters Work:

1. When a hot water tap is
opened at the low flow of 1/2
gallon per minute, the cold
water entering the heater passes
through a brass water valve
assembly which is designed to
allow gas to enter the burners
only when hot water is running.

2. The gas is ignited by the pilot
or spark ignition and the water
is heated as it flows through the
finned tube copper coils which
are located directly over the

3. As you change the water
flow, a governor modulates the
flow of gas to the burners to
maintain a constant
temperature. The size of the
flames and the energy used is
always proportional to the
volume of hot water being used.

4. The water temperature can be
adjusted to produce outlet
temperatures ranging from 100�
to 140�F.

5. When the hot water faucet is
turned off, the flow of gas to the
burners is shut off. Your hot
water tap is an ignition key for
the energy used to heat the hot
water you need.

Aquastar's Models Index

With an AquaStar tankless hot water heater by Bosch,- you'll
never run out of hot water again. And you'll enjoy instant
savings of up to 50% on your heating bill. Once your AquaStar
is installed, you will never have to buy another hot water
heater again. If they ever do need repair AquaStar are designed
so that all parts are replaceable. We, at CET carry everything
that could possibly wear out.

For ventless applications , check out the Power Venting

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