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Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service on December 31, 1999 at 17:45:02:
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: HELP! As a marine aquarium hobbiest, I am considering installing a reverse osmosis system to provide pure
: water for the aquarium as well as for drinking and cooking. I have well water and the pump controls are currently
: set so that the house pressure varies from 22 psi to 45 psi. The RO system that I'm looking at requires input pressure
: between 30-40 psi. I could install a different control switch in the pump and set the on-off pressures to achieve that level
: but, the pump will start and stop consideralbly more often. Is there a water pressure regulator that I can install
: between the house supply line and the RO unit to equalize the pressure at around 35 psi? Or is there a better solution?
: I would greatly appreciate your input. Please provide as much detail as you can so I can get the best understanding
: possible(I need pictures-----sometimes!!!!Ha Ha!). THANK you in advance for your time! Gene.

Gene, Shut off the power to your pump then open a faucet till the water stops. get a compressure and put in 28 lgs of air in you BLADDER TANK. I hope you have one. then adjust the pressure switch until you get it to come on at 30lbs and off at 50lbs.You may want to get a well man to help you on this. Dale Peck LMP

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