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Posted by Moore on December 28, 1999 at 03:52:07:
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No. You should have the association PATCH the carpet to make it safe for the time being, so you or your loved ones won't get hurt. Contact your homeowners insurance agent and ask for legal representation. The floor is going to need a much larger opening to expose the vapor barrier tear, remove the earth around the hole, place a new vapor barrier patch, and hermetically seal or weld the edges, and then warrantee the work. Don't take this lightly, but see if you can make the association your friend instead of your enemy. The work needs to be done professionally, with insurance coverage and a special rider attached to your policy in reference to the damage. Please concern yourself with moisture associated illnesses in case you have small children, such as mold, spores, mildew, humidity,mites, nematodes, and insect vermin. Make the insurance agent your friend. This is going to be costly, and should have been handled before you took possession.

: I recently bought a condo back in September of 99. The seller disclosed that the unit had slab leak 2 other occasion. A month after moving in I found my carpet was wet in the livingroom. I called the association and they called a plumber to come in and repair the leak. The plumber jackhammered the floor which is the same spot as the 2 other occasion. He found no pipes leaking. He called a leak detector person and he tested my unit as well as other units for pressure loss and used a device to listen through the pipes. The association called a floor expert and conduct moisture reading in my livingroom. After getting the report, the association decided to find a cheaper way to solve the problem. The floor expert thinks the moisture barrier was broken during the other 2 times and wasn't put back properly. Should I have the association restore my carpet to original until they can come up with another solution to my slab leak?

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