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Posted by Moore on December 28, 1999 at 03:41:11:
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You are talking about two different terms, here. The basement has a sump pump, okay fine, but a sump pump is a pump in a shallow sump hole lower than the basement concrete floor, designed to pump out rain water or ground water that seeps in through the foundation walls. Are you SURE the House sewer is lower than the Street Sewer? I'll be willing to bet that the sewer drains into the street, but the sump is what you are concerned about, and that's a MUCH easier situation to deal with. Either way, even if the house sewer drains into a sewage ejection pump and is lifted high enough to gravity fall to the street sewer, the cost of the purchase of the house might be just what you have in mind. When you write the offer to buy the house at YOUR price, make the offer contingent upon the successful completion of a thourough sewer inspection and certification by a Licensed Bonded plumber. Ask them to certify in writing that the sewer and sump pump can reasonably be expected to operate without failure for five years. That'll buy you a nice house, and lots of satisfaction.

Happy New Year.

: : I'm interested in buying a house with a basement which is lower than the drainage sewer system. The house has a sump pump. What are the risks?

: There is more work involved with a pumped system. The motor must be working, with power to it. The coupling on the discharge can blow off and pump over the floor. Terry

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