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Posted by Moore on December 28, 1999 at 03:28:08:
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Bad water pressure and bad looking water could very easily be rust and scale inside the pipes as a result of hard water. The solution is pretty simple if there isn't holes in the pipes. If your pipes had holes in them, you would have seen lots of water and muck in your trenches when you exposed the pipes. Hard water is pretty much a saline problem, (water is too salty) and the heating cooling causes ion deposits to form inside the pipes, causing a restriction which would reduce pressure. There are several treatments available like water softeners, but you might try an ion eliminator method. Chech with the plumbing supply house and ask if they have an electromagnet that you can install near the location where your water pipes leave the ground, and enter the house. The electromagnet causes the rejected ions that are stuck to the pipe walls to be attracted to the hydrogen molecules as they pass by, and the pipe cleans itself from the inside, molecule by molecule. It takes about three to six weeks, but it's definately easier than trying to dig up and replace all the piping. The cost is like eighty to one hundred fifty dollars depending on where you live.

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: : In the process of doing some digging outside-had to have
: : the lines located. During the conversation my husband said that
: : we have bad water pressure and bad looking water. The city man
: : said the water lines from the street to your house are really old there
: : is a possibillity that there is holes in them. My question is who is reponsible for
: : this expense us or the city.

: Anything from the meter towards the city main is theirs. From the meter setter to the home is yours.
: Terry

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