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Posted by Moore on December 28, 1999 at 02:53:34:
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At the front of the dryer near the floor is a little grill that looks like a vent. It is a vent. See if you can look closely at it with a flashlight, and tap in on the top 1/3 of the vent grill and cause it to pivot inward, and open up. If so then it should also lift out of the way, so that you can look in and see the dryer heat make up air flue, and a silver colored disk or flat square with a round button in it. If you can see this, you are looking at the place that should glow red hot when you start the dryer. If its a gas dryer, it will glow red hot and then ignite a pretty blue flame that will burn fast and furious as long as the dryer needs heat. If this won't glow (it's called the heating element), it is a good indication that you have an electrical failure. First things first, check the electrical plug at the wall. Is the dryer plugged in? does it hum? If so you have electrical current to the dryer, but no burn at the element. Try to tap the element (Probably better unplug the dryer first) then tap the silver housing pretty hard. (like it was a pesky rodent and you REALLY wanted to chase it away) Tap it again. Now plug the dryer back in and see if it will glow. If so let it glow for a while(Three minutes) and then open the dryer door and see if you're getting heat. If so, congratulations, you had lint stuck on the element, and shorting out the element, but you knocked it off, and you're good to go. If not then the element may not be getting the burn signal from the timer controller. If thats the case, and you really want to try to fix it yourself, e-mail me.

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: My dryer has stopped producing hot air and the timer does not seem to work any more. I think that the heating element is broken, but don't know where it is or how to validate that it is the root cause. Any suggestions??

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