Re: Advice needed regarding household water holding tank.
Posted by Moore on December 28, 1999 at 02:29:53:
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You want some really good advice for free as a Christmas Present? Install flow restrictors on the shower, sink, and large volume fixtures. The reduced flow will put less of a demand on the pump and will cost less than twelve dollars. You want to install a 200 gallon holding tank yourself, and you're a novice? You're asking for trouble. The installation is simple enough for a LICENSED plumber to install, but there are LOTS of PLUMBERS out here who would really botch this up for you. The larger size holdng tank is bigger than four fifty five gallon drums. Do you have room for this? Water weighs 8.5 pounds per gallon and 200 times 8.5 is 1700 pounds (300 gallons is 2550) plus 200 for the frame and anchor system and 200 pounds for the pump check valve and backflow preventer. You can't handg this from the rafters and park the family car under it, you know. The larger volume of standing well water is going to try to freeze and expand, so you'll probably need a freeze protection heater. Here's good Christmas present advice. Call three LICENSED plumbers for a professional written estimate, and choose the one who best serves your gut reaction as trustworthy and bonded.

: Advice needed regarding household water holding tank.

: We have a slow filling well and if we do not pay attention to the amount of water we are using the water level will go below the pump and it will free wheel. At that time we must shut the pump off for about 30 minutes until the well recovers and then we can go on about our business. This usually happens on heavy laundry days or when we have company visiting for an extended period of time.

: Our present system is as follows:
: Waterline enters the house from the well through the garage floor, attached to the piping is an electrical pressure switch, pipe then feeds into an estimated 20 gallon bladder tank, then into the house.

: I would like to avoid drilling a different well by adding a water storage tank (200-300 gal) to this system that would fill automatically. The questions I have are as follows:

: � Is this possible or is it more trouble than it's worth
: � What type of tank, pumps, and switches are needed to do this

: Please keep in mind you are advising a novice when it comes to plumbing.

: Thanks

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