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Posted by Moore on December 28, 1999 at 02:16:02:
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The backup comes from tree roots or diapers or condoms or kotex lodged downstream in the main line sewer, and the backup comes when you flush toilets soon after doing laundry or taking showers which soaks the obstruction. There are certainly high water alarms on float switches you can install, but it will require a high degree if installation for the alarm and the electrical power to supply it and the transformer to get low voltage. Look at Sewage ejector pump and holding tanks, (AT Terry Love's) and look for the high water alarm. You'll kick yourself forever after if you try to install it though. Call three LICENSED roto rooter plumbers and get written estimates to ROTO SNAKE the main line and clear the obstructions. Do it right, and start the new Century right

: our main sewer line has a nasty habit of backing up occasionally. The lowest drain in the house is a floor drain in the back corner of the unfinished part of our basement. By the time we notice the problem, quite a bit of water has backed up. Is there any sort of alarm that could warn us of the problem when it first starts? Thanks.

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There are none.