3 cloged bathrooms
Posted by Tim Chen on December 25, 1999 at 21:16:49:
Hello and Merry Christmas to all,

Nothing ruins a good Christmas like three cloged bathrooms. On the day before Christmas all of our
shower drains and toilets were cloged. We tried almost everything ourself except for calling the
plumber and this is what we have done so far to try to solve the problem. First, we use drano / liquid plumber
chemicals but it didn't help much. Second, we tried using a 25 feet snake on the shower drains but it
didn't help much either. Third, we tried a 50 feet snake from the outside of the house (there are 2 pipe
openings on the side of the house, one is right next to the kitchen and on is next to one of the bathroom).
We suspect there is a blockage somewhere in the main waste line, but using the snake didn't help
at all so is there something we can do ourself? or it is time to call the plumer?

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