Re: Hot water heater or Shower valve???????
Posted by Dae's Plumbing Service on December 25, 1999 at 18:54:33:
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: Hi:
: Sometimes my shower seems to run out of hot water,but,
: if you turn the faucet to full hot, there is hot water
: after a minute or two. Is this a problem with the
: shower valve or the hot water heater, or something else?
: We get lime deposits with the lousy Florida water if
: that might make a difference. The house is about 12 years
: old.
: Thanks

Jean, How long of a shower do you take? Your water heater may not be recovering as fast as you are using hot water. Do you have a 2Gal a min restrictor on your shower head?What do you have the heater set at? And with lime deposits in the bottom of the heater from hard water it will take longer to recover. Dale Peck LMP

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