Re: water heater constantly drips through overflow
Posted by PAplumber on July 06, 1998 at 22:27:03:
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Don't "just replace" the T&P valve. These valves are designed to pop-off at 150 PSI. It is not normally just a bad relief valve. After you replace it, check your water pressure. Do it with the power to the heater off at first, you should have no more than 100 PSI. If it is higher you will want to install a pressure reducing valve on the main line into the house. Then restore power and, with the water heater actually heating, watch the pressure to see if it rises. If it does go up, you have thermal expansion and will need to install a thermal expansion tank. The problem is usually caused by a pressure reducing valve and/or backflow preventor installed on the water line into the house which makes your house a "closed" system and not allowing any expansion to flow back out to the water main in the street.

: : I just had a new house built. It has a 50 gallon electric water heater. It has been dripping (heavily) out of the pressure relief pipe since we moved in 2 months ago. I have turned the temperature on the tank down as low as it will go. It made no difference in the dripping. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

: Dont take any chances. Replace the t@p valve.

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