Slab Leak inside my livingroom
Posted by Mike on December 21, 1999 at 16:12:26:
I recently bought a condo back in September of 99. The seller disclosed that the unit had slab leak 2 other occasion. A month after moving in I found my carpet was wet in the livingroom. I called the association and they called a plumber to come in and repair the leak. The plumber jackhammered the floor which is the same spot as the 2 other occasion. He found no pipes leaking. He called a leak detector person and he tested my unit as well as other units for pressure loss and used a device to listen through the pipes. The association called a floor expert and conduct moisture reading in my livingroom. After getting the report, the association decided to find a cheaper way to solve the problem. The floor expert thinks the moisture barrier was broken during the other 2 times and wasn't put back properly. Should I have the association restore my carpet to original until they can come up with another solution to my slab leak?

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