Kohler Flush Problem
Posted by SteveM on December 21, 1999 at 12:01:29:
I installed Wellworth 3421 toilets in two of our baths in Feb. '92 and Feb. "93. These units are on the
same line, one directly above the other, and get roughly comparable usage. Double flushes have been
infrequent and I would say performance has been very satisfactory.
However, I have recently noticed that the older unit does not clear as well. It appears that the flapper is
closing prematurely while water is still entering the bowl causing waste to be left. I have checked to see
that all flush holes are open and there does not seem to be a blockage in the line as the problem can
be entirely averted by simply holding down the handle until the bowl clears.
Is something wearing out ? Is the float losing bouyancy? Thanks for any help.

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