fuel oil furnace
Posted by ERIC J. REYNA on December 20, 1999 at 23:25:46:
I live in Tampa Florida and for some reason even though it hardly gets very cold here the builder
of our home (30 yrs old)
installed a fuel oil furnance in the attic of the garage.
the system was recently tested and we found several problems, plugged nozzle, flame sensor needed adjustment, ducts in firebox were clogged etc,
we finally fixed the other problems and noticed the fuel was very low, since the system would not stay lit.

new fuel was delivered and now the system fires up,
but the fuel will begin to pour bach into the shaft below the tranformer and seems to come from the
nozzle area, the funny thing is that it only leaks
when the fuel is lit, not when the tranformer is bypassed. could I have the wrong fuel?
do you need different nozzles with kerosene?

Please Help

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