Re: Toilet not flushing properly
Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service on December 19, 1999 at 03:16:48:
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: I have a toilet that seems to flush alright, except...
: As the tank is emptying into the bowel, the water that is in the bowl just swirls and slowly drains. It hardly ever gets that final "whoosh" sound. Thus leaving any solid material in the bowl. Is there a simple explanation for this?
: Any help would be appreciated.

: -Jeff

Jeff, There are 4 Things that could cause this.
1-you have a blockage in your bowl
2- The flush holes in the bowl may be plugged with calcium deposit from hard water.
3-Your vent line may be plugged. Do you live in the north where frost can freeze over a vent?
4-you may have a plugged sewer line.
Use a mirror to look under the flush holes of the rim and see if they are plugged. use a coat hanger to clean them out.Hope this helps. Dale Peck LMP

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