Problem with Reliance 8 40 NKRT970 D 40 gal gas self cleaning water heater
Posted by Dave Menicucci on December 18, 1999 at 08:13:53:
I am a licensed general contractor in NM and an engineer. I have a problem with the above mentioned water heater.
Thermostat is set to 120 deg F. Customer complained that the water heater tank seemed to be cool
in the morning so that the first shower or bath is not real hot. I have access to monitoring equipment so I instrumented the
water heater collecting data minute-by-minute on tank temp at top of tank, outlet water temp during a hot water
draw, and stack temp to indicate when gas flame is one.
The customer is right. The tank warms to near 120 deg when there have been draws, but overnight cools down
to near 105 degs. During the night the thermostat never came on to heat the tank back to 120 deg.
So at 105, this is relatively cool. I also notice that sometimes the thermostat will kick off before the tank has
reached its top temp. I could email to you the data if you'd like to see it.
What do you think is going on here--a malfuncting thermostat? Or is this something peculiar with self-cleaning
tanks? I have tried to talk to a "supposed" engineer at the toll-free phone line (800-365-5031). He was
totally useless and just claimed there was nothing wrong. I have an 8 year warranty on this 2 year old jewel.
I could use any ideas from you based on your experience.

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