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Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service on December 16, 1999 at 19:45:35:
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: : : We are building a new home and our well had to be drilled in our front yard. We would like to locate the (unsightly) pressure tank behind our house approximately 130 feet from the well (which will be using a 1 hp submersible pump). We prefer to hide the tank behind the house instead of trying to disguise it (fencing, hut, shrubs, etc.) in the front yard. Our pump contractor keeps talking about only having the pressure tank near (within 3 feet) of the well to avoid hammering in the system because of the long distance the pressure switch would be from the pump. However, he does admit it is an "inexact" science and hammering may or may not occur. We don't want problems down the road, but is it OK to have a 130 foot horizontal run (the pump will be about 160 feet below the surface) between the top of the well and the pressure tank? If, so would any other additional device be needed to prevent hammering or any other potential problem with this arrangement? Thanks for any information.

: : AA, The pressure switch needs to be next to the pressure tank. Do you live in the south? Is it warm all year round? I have seen the pressure tanks buried in the ground but I wouldn't like to change it later on. If you have a utility room in the house that is where the pressure tanks usually goes. Remember the pressure switch needs to be next to the pressure tank. Dale Peck LMP

: : Actually, I live on the west coast and will have the pressure tank installed outdoors on a concrete pad. Besides having the pressure switch near the tank, are there any other things I need to be aware of? I've heard that having a check valve between the tank and well pump can also cause hammering in the system. Since I need one in my system, what do I need to do? For example, does the check valve need to be near the well or near the pressure tank in this case (assuming a long horizontal run and the check valve is placed somewhere between the pump and tank)? Do the pipe diameter and check valve need to be a certain size (1 hp well pump)? Would putting the check valve on the "far" side of the pressure tank (not between the pump and tank) be of help (is this even an option)? Thanks for additional information.

AA, sorry i took so long to get back to you. AA you should use a submergiable pump if you have a 5 or 6" cased well. There is a check valve in the top of the pump. If you use a jet pump with one pipe system no cased well then you need a check valve right after the pump. I have yet seen a residential pump cause hammering. If you get over 80lbs in this system hammering may accure.The last thing I would worry about is hammering in your plumbing system on a well and pump. Dale Peck LMP

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