Re: Connect plastic drain pipe to old cast iron
Posted by Terry Love on December 16, 1999 at 02:59:09:
In response to Re: Connect plastic drain pipe to old cast iron

: I,m disconnecting old cast iron pipes to enlarge a small bathroom built over a concrete slab (about 6 inches
: between the slab and floor joists). What is the best way to unsolder the lead joints in the iron pipe?
: A small propane torch doesn't heat up the mass nearly enough to melt the lead and loosen the joint.
: Do I need to get a oxy/acetylene cutting torch to be able to apply enough heat? Also is there any way
: to wick the lead out of the joint once it is melted? Then what is the best way to connect the plastic
: piping to the remaining waste line that runs underground to the street? Any tips are greatly appreciated.

You may want to try cutting the lead with a sawzall. The blade can reach in and cut some of the lead out, and then screwdrivers can pry the rest out. Darn, there I am giving away secrets again. Please don't tell anyone else, OK?

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