Re: Garbarge Disposal
Posted by dave on December 16, 1999 at 00:46:39:
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: I am trying to remove the disposal from the sink sice it is frozen and will not turn. I have yet to figure
: out how to remove the collar connecting the disposal to the sink. Can anyone help?

If its an ISE (In Sink Erator) there is a collar on the disposal that will have three tabs on the side that are sort of cylinder with a hole in it. Put a screw driver into one of those holes and turn it loose, Sometime a hammer is required if its jambed. approx. 1/4 turn should do it. this will release the disposer from the sink mounting collar. If you replace it with an ISE you can leave the old sink mount collar on and use it w/ your new disposer. If not there are three screws you can loosen with a screw driver that face up toward the sink. You will have to remove a snap ring after the assymbly is loosened

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