Shower faucet; to replace or not to replace?
Posted by Mike on December 15, 1999 at 13:01:26:
I think have a problem with my shower faucet. The discharge volume of water is not what I think I should get. Changing shower heads doesn't solve the problem. My shower faucet is an AquaLine single handle that I am told is inexpensive if not cheap! It was installed by the previous owner 6-7 years ago. Oh yeah, I'm on a well system with set pressure at 40/60 psi. The well and submersible pump are 3 years old. Tests confirm hard water. I do get mineral deposit build-up. Also, I've rerouted the PVC plumbing in the crawl space to eliminate some fittings (pressure drop) in the cold water supply. That helped some. But I still think that the shower faucet is overly restricting flow. Before I replace it, can anyone offer other advice? Would adding a water softener help?

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