Re: Drain spicket opens by itself
Posted by sunny alexander on December 14, 1999 at 08:20:55:
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: : I have purchased a new electric hot water heater (Rheem) 30 Gallon, GE brand name, and installed it. For some reason, no matter what I do, the drain valve (spicket) at the extreme bottom of the heater opens by itself after a short period of time. Originally, there was a plastic hose bib that did the same thing, so I replaced it with a brass one with the same results. I have tightened it by hand, by wrench and even prayed to the hot water heater god to no avail. What could possibly make this phenomenon happen? Better yet, what can I do to repair it?

: : Signed,

: : At Wits end, Sunny

: Sunny, underneath the handle is a packing nut. turn it a 1/4 turn or more clock wise to tighten. Is your water extreamly hot? You may have to resort to a ball valve. Dale Peck LMP

::: Been there, done that with packing nut. If it does it again, I think the BALL valve is the answer. THANK YOU Mr. Peck.

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