Well pump to pressure tank distance?
Posted by AA on December 13, 1999 at 11:39:18:
We are building a new home and our well had to be drilled in our front yard. We would like to locate the (unsightly) pressure tank behind our house approximately 130 feet from the well (which will be using a 1 hp submersible pump). We prefer to hide the tank behind the house instead of trying to disguise it (fencing, hut, shrubs, etc.) in the front yard. Our pump contractor keeps talking about only having the pressure tank near (within 3 feet) of the well to avoid hammering in the system because of the long distance the pressure switch would be from the pump. However, he does admit it is an "inexact" science and hammering may or may not occur. We don't want problems down the road, but is it OK to have a 130 foot horizontal run (the pump will be about 160 feet below the surface) between the top of the well and the pressure tank? If, so would any other additional device be needed to prevent hammering or any other potential problem with this arrangement? Thanks for any information.

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