Re: Qest Pex -- old or new?
Posted by Terry Love on December 10, 1999 at 11:22:06:
In response to Re: Qest Pex -- old or new?
: I recently (Oct. 99) had to have my 8 year old house totally re-plumbed after dealing with 8
: progressively worse pinhole leaks in the copper pipe. The typical story for around here
: (Orlando FL area), where this seems to be common. Plumbers blame the water and the
: water company swears that it is bad copper pipe and lightning.

: The plumbers installed Qest Pex pipe in the attic since the house is on a cement slab.
: When I saw the pipe, I commented that I thought I was getting old pipe since I heard
: Qest was long gone due to the polybutelene lawsuit. They said "No, Qest was still a
: leading manufacturer of Pex."

: I didn't have time to argue at the moment, since the water was turned off. However, I can
: find no evidence that Qest is still making pipe or that I have any kind of manufacturer's
: warranty whatsoever. Anybody know if there is still a Qest company cranking out Pex?

Qest is alive and well cranking out new PEX piping. This is not the old PB stuff.

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