Qest Pex -- old or new?
Posted by Gary Orwig on December 09, 1999 at 22:41:20:
I recently (Oct. 99) had to have my 8 year old house totally re-plumbed after dealing with 8
progressively worse pinhole leaks in the copper pipe. The typical story for around here
(Orlando FL area), where this seems to be common. Plumbers blame the water and the
water company swears that it is bad copper pipe and lightning.

The plumbers installed Qest Pex pipe in the attic since the house is on a cement slab.
When I saw the pipe, I commented that I thought I was getting old pipe since I heard
Qest was long gone due to the polybutelene lawsuit. They said "No, Qest was still a
leading manufacturer of Pex."

I didn't have time to argue at the moment, since the water was turned off. However, I can
find no evidence that Qest is still making pipe or that I have any kind of manufacturer's
warranty whatsoever. Anybody know if there is still a Qest company cranking out Pex?

Also, we do have lots of lightning in central Florida. Is there any action I should take now
that I have a whole lot of plastic water pipe suspended high in the rafters? Lightning rods
are almost unheard of here.

Gary Orwig

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