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Posted by Moore on December 09, 1999 at 20:09:57:
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First things first. You JUST bought the condo? Is it still within the homeowners initial warrantee protection? If it is then the Association is giving you a runaround. If it isn't then the association may be partially correct, but the issue is a health and sanitation problem that concerns you as well as your neighbor, and also the neighbors below. The bottom line is not that the association fees don't cover it, but rather that your sink doesn't drain. Your putting the snake in at the under sink location is not giving you area enough to snake past the bend at the fixture cross. Call a LICENSED plumber! If you really need to do it yourself, you'll likely need to snake down from the roof vent to snake to the stoppage. The 1 1/2 inch plastic drain at the sink hasn't been cleared yet because the stoppage is likely at the bend where the branch drain connects to the vent stack. The association collects fees for outside maintenance, probably, though if you review your homeowners insurance policy you'll probably see that repairs and maintenance that are out of the normal experience level of the common homeowner are covered, after completion of a report and professional inspection by a LICENSED plumber. If you really did bore through the cross fixture, you could be opening up a can of worms you aren't prepared for.

: : I just bought a condo and have been having problems with the kitchen sink draining. It is set up where my pipes under my sink run to a shared pipe between the walls. I got a snake and used it several times but yet no drainage. From the way it looks the horizontal pipe of mine is shared with the other. So when i snaked it their side was also cleaned. the association says that it is my problem and teh fee does not cover it. Please help.
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: : Larry Oney
: Larry,
: I don't know the legals on this, but I would guess that you ran the snake right through the fixture cross. It will take a bit of a bend to get the cable to run "down" the pipe. Some plumbers are very good at this. Terry

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