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Posted by Moore on December 09, 1999 at 19:48:13:
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I had the same problem in a beachfront motel/condo complex. Went through the same things you're going through. Turned out to be steam condensation on the shower pan above, but the steam came from a leaking hot water fitting below, and the steam travelled up through the wall cavity until it could condensate someplace. The ceiling that you've replaced is now damaged again, so thats the best place to re-start your investigation. remove the water soaked damaged ceiling in an area of about sixteen inches square. Stick your head up into the hole with a small flashlight and see if you can see drips. No? Set an aluminum pie plate under the area and when the dripping starts, it'll fall into the pan and will act as an alarm to tell you when it is leaking. Then look with your flashlight again and see where the water's coming from. Is the drip travelling downhill from some other source? keep the pie pan alarm in place until you're sure you know you have it. I'll bet the drip comes after you've used a lot of hot water, and comes from a steam leak below. If you need more help, e-mail me at
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: : Any suggestions on how to discover what is leaking?
: : Have a bathroom beneath a shower & an adjacent toilet which are upstairs. Ceiling over the downstairs toilet is leaking. Thought it was the tile, had that sealed. Thought is was a pan leaking in shower & had that checked and found out no pan because it is a prefab unit. Thought it was the toilet, had it replaced. Fixed the ceiling below and thought that took care of all--started getting water stains again.
: : Is it possible to put a colored dye (that wont harm a new expensive toilet) in the toilet and wait to see if that color appears on the ceiling below and if not put a different color in the shower to see if the prefab unit is leaking. Or is there any way to detect the leak short of rebuiling the 2 rooms!!! Appreciate any answers,
: : Jo---- a frustrated senior citizen lady

: Jo, I am pretty sure you can use a food coloring. Read directions first and try it on something first to see if it will wipe off. Are you on city water? If so see if the needle moves ,say in 15 min with no one useing water.alos take the trim plate off the shower faucet and then take the shower head off and put a cap on the shower arm (if you have male threads on the shower arm) and turn on the shower and see if you can see water driping on the faucet in the wall. Just My thoughts. Dale Peck LMP

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