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Posted by dick on December 09, 1999 at 13:06:00:
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iF IT'S BONE DRY, not even a cup of water left in the bottom of the trap, look for a crack in the toilet. If there is a little water left in the trap, not enough to make a seal maybe a cup or two, the water may be siphoning out when other toilets in the building are flushed. Check the ventfor this toilet and make sure it's not plugged or undersize. if there are a number of toilets in a commercial building using this same vent pipe, it may need to be considerably larger than you would expect.

after you determine which other toilets utilize the same vent, have someone else flush those toilets while you watch the problem toilet. You may need to flush several toilets at once to duplicate the problem.

: I'm in charge of minor bldg maint. and I've got a stumper. We have 1 toilet upstairs in an unused part of the building which works perfectly fine except for one thing. I flush it once a week to keep it working, but when I come back the next day all the water is gone from the bowl. There is no water on the floor, etc. and all the mechanicals in the tank seem OK. What is going on? I am afraid we are getting sewer gas because of this one toilet.

: Glen

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