2nd story leak
Posted by Jo on December 08, 1999 at 03:42:47:
Any suggestions on how to discover what is leaking?
Have a bathroom beneath a shower & an adjacent toilet which are upstairs. Ceiling over the downstairs toilet is leaking. Thought it was the tile, had that sealed. Thought is was a pan leaking in shower & had that checked and found out no pan because it is a prefab unit. Thought it was the toilet, had it replaced. Fixed the ceiling below and thought that took care of all--started getting water stains again.
Is it possible to put a colored dye (that wont harm a new expensive toilet) in the toilet and wait to see if that color appears on the ceiling below and if not put a different color in the shower to see if the prefab unit is leaking. Or is there any way to detect the leak short of rebuiling the 2 rooms!!! Appreciate any answers,
Jo---- a frustrated senior citizen lady

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