Can't find these
Posted by Dick on December 07, 1999 at 13:06:53:
These are not exactly plumbing problems, but hopefully there's enough remodoling experience around to help.
I'm looking for two items that used to be popular and don't seem to be available any more.

I think I want an electric cooktop with solid cast iron disk burners. These look like a good compromise between the ugly hard to clean calrod burners and the expensive hard to care for smooth units. I've never owned one of these. Is there mayby a good reason that they don't make them any more?

I also think I want a built in cutting board or corelle insert in my kitchen counter. The cutting board fits into a cutout in the counter and has a stainless steel rim. The cutting boards used to be fairly commen in the early 70's and I know somebody made a similar unit with dupont correlle.(I may have the name of that material wrong, it's the stuff they make pots and baking dishes out of). Is there a reason they apparently don't make either of these anymore?

If anyone knows where i might find either of these items , it would be greatly appretiated.


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