Re: How-to-tile over painted concrete (shower stall)
Posted by Curt (not-a-pro) on December 07, 1999 at 09:52:52:
In response to Re: How-to-tile over painted concrete (shower stall)
: I have a cement block shower stall in the corner of my basement. I would like to tile it if possible. It
: currently is painted. Can I tile over painted cement? Do I need to apply a cement backer board
: first and then tile? Any comments would be appreciated...thanks in advance JPB


Careful here! I put ceramic tile over a painted concrete floor. The opinions I got varied. One installer said a special mortar with titanium should be used. A second said "Titanium? Maybe on the space shuttle!" and told me to rough up the surface with an ice scaper (the kind you would use on a walkway, not your automobile). I was skeptical but beltsanding or stripping with solvents didn't seem appealling, so I roughed up the floor with the scraper. Sections of the tile began to sound hollow where the mortar no longer was bonded to the floor. Eventually tiles broke and fell out. I would know exactly what you are doing in this situation, or have professional installers do the job and guarantee the work.

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