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Posted by Moore on December 06, 1999 at 23:57:49:
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Try the old hardware store that is in the next town over, you know, the one that sells candy and has saw dust on the floor? They'll have it. Try Moen and American Standard Plumbing supply web pages and ask the manufacturers of water heaters. Type water heater into your search engine. Your Mother's water heater has air in it and the gurgling sound is pressure build up. THIS COULD BE DANGEROUS! Hot water heaters are requires by the fire code to have whats called a TPR valve mounted on their highest surface. Its called a Temperature Pressure Relief valve and it is designed to open up and blow hot air and water out to relieve built up pressure from inside the hot water heater. It is easy enough to check to see if it operates, but it is also VERY easy to get scalded or burned with hot water that is over pressurized. The TPRelief valve looks sort of like a little three inch fire hydrant sitting atop the water heater, with a silver colored handle hanging down its side somewhat like a spoon handle. That little fire hydrant should have a pipe hooked to it that extends to over the side of the water heater, then down to the floor, but isn't connected to anything. Keep your hands and feet and kittens away from where it isn't connected to anything, use a washcloth, and lift that spoon handle to see if a spurt of hot water and violent air pressure rushes out. If just water and no pressure comes out, the valve is faulty. Call a licensed plumber and have it replaced before the hot water heater ruptures.

: I'm looking for a sensor to place under my hot water heater to sound an alarm in case of a leak. I saw one years ago and now can't find them. Also, my mother's hot water heater makes gurgling noises all night. Is this bad?

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