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You want failsafe, AND inexpensive? Since you don't want to dig, go to the City Department of Building and Safety, ask to see the building permit for the construction of your house (You might have to take proof of ownership, like a tax bill or pair utility bills to help them prevent theft or fraud against you by unscrupulous others, and look at the back side of the permit. It should show you a rough drawing of the distance from the house to the septic tank, length of the tank, distance (and direction) to the distribution box, and then distances (and direction) of the leach lines, The top of the septic tank should be less than three feet below ground, and the top of the sewer line entering the tank should be about eight inches lower than the top. The sewer line that exits the tank to travel to the distribution box needs to be one inch lower than the line entering, and it is supposed to flow away from the tank at a rate of one quarter inch per foot. The Plumbing Code calls for the distribution box to be a MINIMUM of five feet from the septic tank. But wait....whats all the fuss? The distribution box is only a box, and thats at the clarified liquid end of the septic tank, so the box is not likely to be a problem at all. Uncovering it is going to serve no purpose other than to show you that it is too full of water and needs to be drained. (Evidence of the too full condition is the proliferation of so much grass) The trouble, is that the red clay soil is no longer allowing the adequate amount of percolation of treated water to settle into the soil. Call a LICENSED septic tank contractor to make you an estimate for the installation of additional absorption area. NOTE If there is a sewer line somewhere within five thousand feet of your house, you would be wise to call the Septic tank contractor first, before going to the City! The septic tank overflow condition is considered a severe health hazard to you and your family, as well as to the neighbors whose dogs and pets are interested in its odors (and Bacterial infection) Call a LICENSED plumber!

: : Anyone have a failsafe and inexpensive means of finding
: : a distribution box?? My yard is tight red clay, hard
: : as concrete so digging by hand is almost impossible, I
: : have tried driving a rod to try and locate the box...
: : no find yet. I did find the end of the septic tank and
: : the area where all the lines converged at (according to
: : growth of grass) but I cannot hit the box!!!! How deep
: : can it be, if it is any deeper than I am driving the
: : rod, I feel I am compelled to use a backhoe and I prefer
: : not to do that just to check the flow. Any ideas???

: TNT, There is a posibility you do not have a D-box. They were used many years ago but we found they were a problem so we stopped useing them. we just put a tee in the line and make our rows off one line. If there is a D-box it could be about 5'from the tank. Good Luck on finding it. Dale Peck LMP

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