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Posted by Moore on December 06, 1999 at 21:37:06:
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Can you find the valve that shuts the water off? Shut off the water to the tube and disconnect it. It should have a compression nut and there should be a ferrule inside the nut that pushes pressure against the small copper tube. See if the ferrule is tight (so that it won't fall out and you'll lose it) Go to the icemaker and disconnect the tube there also, and blow into it. Does air go through? if not, its kinked, so then wiggle the tube up and out, or wiggle it down and into the basement. (Be careful not to kink it someplace else). Can you see the kink? If it's in the middle someplace, then take it to the hardware store and get another tube. You'll have to get new compression nuts and two new ferrules too. Check the icemaker itself for a filter which might be clogged.

: I may have a kink in the copper tube that runs to my icemaker. The only problem is that I can't get to it unless I cut through the kitchen floor or the basement ceiling. Is there any way to get kinks out or am I stuck cutting the floor or ceiling?

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