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Posted by Moore on December 06, 1999 at 21:21:21:
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You're right climbing on an icy roof is Dangerous! DON'T DO IT! The vents can be fitted with covers that allow the fumes to exit, but no snow to enter. If Frost is really the culprit you can go to the local hardware or plumbing supply house and buy commercial heat tape. It is actually a long cord like christmas tree lights but it has a heating element in it. It even has a thermostat in it to sense when it is freezing (BBBRRRRR) and warms the tape. It is designed to wrap around the pipes that are exposed in a crawl space to keep them from freezing, but it'll work magic for your vents as well. Leave it plugged in all winter, simply plug it into an outlet, or run an extension cord up close to the vents and staple the cord to the roof shingles, and run the heat tape cord to the vents. If you don't want the electricity up there, ask the plumbing supply house for a screw on vent cap. Take the sizes of the vents with you, though , for a good fit.

: We live in Minnesota and our house was built 5 and 1/2 years ago. Everytime it snows we have problems with frost closure in all four sewer vents coming out of the roof of our house. These vents range from 2 and 1/2" to 4" in diameter. Are there any products out there that we can install that will illiminate this problem? Climbing on the icy roof to break the vents over everytime it snows is not a very safe practice. We really need some good advice.

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