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Posted by Moore on December 06, 1999 at 21:10:36:
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Look on the existing pump for the manufacturer's name, model, voltage, and amperage, horsepower, and pump rating. Usually a sump pump has a float switch that lets the pump know that there is too much water in the sump, and then tells the sump pump motor to turn on and keep running until the sump is empty. The concern for a backup pump comes when there is something valuable in the room that will be seriously damaged in the event of pump failure. Goulds makes a good pump. Type sump pump, manufacturer into your search engine. you'll find lots of information. Are you in Wisconsin? The greater Chicago area has lots and lots of installers, but if you want reliability, contact a licensed contractor in the phone book under Pumps , submersible.

: Pls Help. My husband and I want a back-up pump system that is no maintenance and highly reliable. (I don't know anything about our existing pump, except that it is 4rs old. What kinda pump specs should I look for?

: Related questions: What's important - gallons per minute, horsepower of the pump, auot recharge, hrs of pumping time, type of battery, etc.? Will a narrow sump limit my choices? And how do I pick an installer?

: Any help would be appreciated!

: Sincerely,
: Mary in WI

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