Re: Necessary to replace Kohler Rialto Power-Lite?
Posted by Bill B. on December 06, 1999 at 20:03:00:
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Mark: I am stuck with two Kohler power-assisted toilets that are now useless. The first one stopped flushing about a month ago and the second one is about to poop out as well.

Plumber indicated that they have had similar complaints. Plumber ordered pressure assist cannister part, which is on back-order. I am getting tired of waiting for resolution, but fortunately have a good ole gravity toilet to fall back on. I emailed Kohler with questions and they just referred me to an "800 number" which puts you on hold for 20+ minutes.

My toilets came with the house which was new in 1995. I live in an upscale development in South Florida. I suspect that a lot of people may be suffering from the same faulty system with a very limited useful life and no owner serviceable parts.

If you know of more names of dissatisfied consumers then please send me their names because I am an attorney and may pursue this matter further.

Thanks, Bill
: : Our Kohler Rialto Power-Lite (8 yrs old) has started
: : leaking from its pressurized tank. I was told by Kohler
: : that this could not be fixed and I would have to buy
: : a new toilet. A plumber told me the same thing!
: : Why can't this toilet be repaired?
: : Kohler apparently stopped manufacturing pressurized tanks
: : themselves and will only give us a $75 rebate if we physically
: : take the Rialto toilet to the original place of purchase
: : and purchase a new Kohler. This sounds ridiculous to me
: : since they apparently knew that they had designed a toilet
: : that was not meant to last and now I have to 1) hire
: : a plummer to take out the faulty toilet 2)haul it down to
: : Home Depot (who said that they don't want the toilet)
: : 3) purchase a new toilet by a manufacturer know to make
: : toilets that don't last long and 4) call the plumber
: : back to install the new toilet!

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