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Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service on December 05, 1999 at 20:21:38:
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: Anyone have a failsafe and inexpensive means of finding
: a distribution box?? My yard is tight red clay, hard
: as concrete so digging by hand is almost impossible, I
: have tried driving a rod to try and locate the box...
: no find yet. I did find the end of the septic tank and
: the area where all the lines converged at (according to
: growth of grass) but I cannot hit the box!!!! How deep
: can it be, if it is any deeper than I am driving the
: rod, I feel I am compelled to use a backhoe and I prefer
: not to do that just to check the flow. Any ideas???

TNT, There is a posibility you do not have a D-box. They were used many years ago but we found they were a problem so we stopped useing them. we just put a tee in the line and make our rows off one line. If there is a D-box it could be about 5'from the tank. Good Luck on finding it. Dale Peck LMP

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